People who keep their body weight down have far less diabetes - almost 70% less than those who become overweight!

Being overweight is by far the most important causal factor in diabetes. Taking regular exercise and having a healthy diet also help… but weight is key!

And don’t blame your genes… of course genes can play a part, but if you do have genes for overweight then it is still your responsibility to work all the harder at keeping your weight down.

Check your weight against the table of ‘desirable weight’ available in every pharmacy. Better still ask a pharmacist to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index) and work at getting this between 18.5 and 25… and keep it there! Overweight is simply due to eating more food than you need! Try to develop the habit of feeling at the end of each meal that you would have liked a little more, rather than feeling very full after each meal.

By NOSCO Management Solutions Ltd www.nosco-systems.com (01443 400998)